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Warlords of Waal: 01-06!

Warlords of Waal, my web series is now on Youtube! Episodes 01-06! Check um out! Starring award winning actress Christina Evans!

Channel Link below, hover over to see link!



Warlords of Waal: 02 part 2

Yep, finished the remake of Warlords of Waal:02 part 2, now theres a coherent narrative running through Episodes 01-06!

Warlords of Waal: 01 & 02 part 1

The remake of Warlords of Waal: 01 & 02 part 1 are now on the Youtube. This one stars the lovely Christina Evans! Not focusing on Vimeo for the moment! Check it out!


Updates Updates Updates

Yep, Did an solo show at the Collective Arts Incubator in Highland Park, CA!

Ran from June – July 2017 see Closing flyer below.00HyperformsFlyer01TEst04.jpg


Welcome to my Art blog. “Murders and Executions” Here I will be posting all of my creative endeavors and experiments. It is my hope a few of you will find them interesting.