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Warlords of Waal: 05

The fifth installment of my petite fanstastique web series! Written and directed by yours truly.

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Warlords of Waal: 04

The 4th installment of my petite fantastique web series, written and directed by me! I also did the editing I did.

See Blecka meet with Nada, see Toby!

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Title: Mask

Title: Mask

Another fine work by Patrick AMOEBYS-PAAX, this one dates from December 2012, This mask/head is made out of paper mache and acrylic. It’s very heavy duty.

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object: nemesis

Created this one in 2009, paper-mache+acrylic, this one. I call it Nemesis after the Goddess of Vengeance.

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title: untitled object #5

Sculpture, Heavy Duty Paper Mache+Acrylic,circa 2009